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  • Rebranding Africa?

    If Africans want…They can.

    Why taking actions for Africa now?
    What are the motivations?
    And where do they come from?

  • Africa is not an interestless part of the world. After reading the work by African pioneers, and conducting research about the impact of globalization on trade and debt burden impact on economic growth, we started thinking about Africa. Our first public action took place in 2007 when we interviewed African diplomats to the World Trade Organization in Geneva. In 2009 we presented our ideas to African diplomats in Ottawa, followed by a presentation at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC in 2010. We later travelled to Africa to attend Infrastructure Partnership for Africa Development (IPAD) conference. During his presentation about investment opportunities in Africa, we actively listened to an African leader who asked to Canadian participants: “What can Canada do for the Congo?” One of the major challenges to start business in Africa is the difficulty of estimating the cost and risk. But despite this, the reality on the ground is completely different since there are many Canadian companies that invest heavily in mining, oil, wood, etc. Why not invest in agriculture in Africa because it is a major contributor to GDP? How can Canada transfer its know-how to Africa for mutual benefits? And how can Africa learn from the Canadian agribusiness model?

    We believe that the time for Africa has come. Through this platform, we want to engage with people in order to share innovative ideas; design, develop and implement practical solutions, etc. that will trigger the African miracle and so rebrand Africa. Business-minded people can skip the rest of the document and go straight to our Executive Business Plan Summary at the end of this section

    Thank you.
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