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Cocoa Farmers Trying Chocolate For 1st Time

This is both beautiful and sad.

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  1. I was deeply touched by this video. The idea, that these men had never tasted the finished fruits of their labour, did not even know what happened to the beans later, surprised me. Saddened me as well that they should work so hard and not know what they were really producing for the rest of the world to enjoy. I couldn’t believe they had been told it was used in the making of red wine of all things. It was fun to see their reactions after tasting the chocolate. Pretty much the same look I have on my face when I eat this favourite food. I did have to chuckle when one of the men asked their “guest” if his skin was lighter because of the chocolate! God bless them with a bountiful harvest and I’m hoping the price of the raw beans goes up for them.

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