The IGLER Institute

  • My African-Canadian Dream - Support

  • Objectives:

    The Institute for Globalization and Entrepreneurship Research (IGLER) will be the arm-length of MACD to:

    • Support research in agriculture, entrepreneurship, globalization and business culture, etc.

    • Make globalization work for Africa

  • Public Seminar Series

    Main Theme: Rethinking Globalization – Was Transition to a More Competitive Global Economy Incomplete?

    Below are some interesting topics the Institute would like to address in partnership with academic and research institutions. The findings will be posted to MACD Journal of Entrepreneurship on its e-newsletter to be published quarterly. This research work will lead to publishing a book titled ‘The Challenge of Africa’.

    Key Research Areas

    Our priority lines of research will include financing and advice regarding farming modernization, professionalization of emerging services, and integration of crop and livestock farming.

    We will partner with artists and economists to find sustainable solutions to attract and develop talents in entrepreneurship.

    Topic 1: The ABC of starting a small/ medium-sized enterprise in Côte d’Ivoire : How can we estimate the cost and risk involved in the process?

    This question would provide answers to investors’ concerns about investing in Africa. Is the cost too high compared to other emerging economies or is it just a perception? We posit that it is a perception. The real issue is the unpredictability of cash outflows and the mental syndrome it creates.

    Globalization & Business Culture
    Should we keep on complaining about the World Trade Organization rules and regulations?  Or should we rather look at what lessons can Africa learn from other emerging regions?

    Concerning our business culture, how can we break the culture of poverty, dependency, or consumerism, etc.? Can there be any shift in the way we think and do things vis-à-vis God, the nature and other races?

    Topic 2: African Renaissance: What is its impact on cultural renewal? Where is the gain?

    This topic will examine the impact of African Renaissance concept since its launch  in 1998. Have we achieved something for a just and prosperous Africa more than a decade later?

    Topic 3: Equity Market Liberalization, Capital Account Openness and Trade: Where is the Gain for Ivorian SMEs?

    This topic will examine whether or not SMEs in Côte d’Ivoire have benefited from globalization. More specifically, assess the degree of inter-firm business linkages between:

    • the formal and informal economies,
    • SMEs and large firms, and
    • domestic and foreign firms.

    Environmental Issues
    We will conduct research on environmental issues pertaining to Africa in order to share, inform and educate the public.

    Topic 4: Keeping African waters clean: Is domestic pollution as important as industrial pollution?

  • Scholarship & Awards

    Academic Awards
    We will support research. Interested participants from academic or research institutions would conduct research on agriculture, entrepreneurship, globalization and business culture. The best papers would be awarded.

    The first research competition will address topic #3 above. An amount of $1500 has been budgeted to reward the first, second and third best papers.

    Agricultural Innovation Awards
    We will partner with leaders to promote best practices to produce more, waste less while taking care of the environment, etc.

    Global Talent Discovery Fund
    We will support emerging talents as well as search for rare talents. To achieve this, we will have to support grass root structures in the communities; connect and partner with artists across the world, etc.