Support The Dream

  • Why Support Us?

  • My African-Canadian Dream - Support

  • How can you support our vision?

    • For those who think that special solutions  are need for special problems;
    • For those who believe in Africa potential and open to new ideas;
    • For those who think that actions need to be taken to move Africa forward;
    • For those Canadians who think that Africa can be given the opportunity to self-sustain;
  • My African-Canadian Dream - Support

  • How to Support Us?

    You can support us by:

    • Attending and challenging us at our public project presentations
    • Participating at our fundraising events including concerts, fashion shows, etc.
    • Attending our research seminar series presentations about globalization, entrepreneurship and environmental issues
    • Discussing the project with friends and/ or sending us your ideas
    • Helping us connect with people who might be interested in the project
    • Not forgetting to put us in your prayers so that God can guide us to continue his creative work, a recommendation all human beings must respect
  • My African Canadian Dream Plan

    Why support us? Why should you attend our events? MACD wants to create more dreams for everyone! We will strive to fulfilling this vision by empowering people and helping them achieve their personal and professional development. We will partner with organizations that will share our vision to give to the so called ‘youthful’ population limitless career development opportunities like those in other parts of the world.

    Participants or even volunteers to our fundraising events: seminars, concerts, fashion shows, sport events, etc. will have the possibility to win awards such as:

    • Short-term bursary/ scholarship to further education (continuous, business, professional, career change, basic literacy, sport, etc.)
    • Subscription to a fitness club, professional membership club, magazine, research journal, library, etc.
    • Sport outfits
    • Leadership development training
    • Foreign language training, etc.

    NB: The award will be transferable to a family member, a friend or a stranger as long as it used for the purpose for which it was intended. So our elders, parents or great-parents will be encouraged to come and support us and so be part of rebranding our cherished land, our greatest tresor bequeathed to us by our ancestors.