• My African-Canadian Dream - Vision

  • Vision:
    To modernize agriculture in Africa

    We can act now employing the tools and/or factors under our control

Awakening Consciousness
The greatest wealth Africa possesses is its human capital potential. Africans should realize that they have to find out their own way to develop agriculture in Africa. In addition, they have to learn how to support local initiatives and consume proudly African.

The Power of Dream Album
The album has been written in line with the vision of developing agriculture in Africa. It aims at informing, educating, energizing and inspiring people.

With this album, we wish to partner with local artists, sponsors, etc. and perform together to lift up people’s morale, instil and develop confidence as well as raise funds. Relay concerts will be held in all countries around the world. In Africa, the money will be re-invested into the local economy. Outside Africa, a portion of the funds will be invested locally and the remaining in Africa in a mutually beneficial strategic partnership.

See research section.

We will provide advisory services in areas such as project management, IT, investment management, tax planning, mergers and acquisitions for SMEs, providing market information, production management, product quality control, etc.

We will help organisations promote their products and/ or services through our website or during our fundraising events.

Fashion Show
We will organize fashion show and cultural exchange events, etc.

Sport Events
We will engage with athletes including soccer players, basket ball, tennis, etc. in order to organize fundraising events to support entrepreneurship as well as to revive sport, etc .

Fund Transfer Business
In order to sustain agricultural development in Africa, money from music alone will not do the job. We will need sustainable foreign currency inflows to purchase machinery, conduct research, build infrastructure, educate people, etc. African Diaspora will  have to play an important role in this regard.

Partnering with the Government to Produce Locally
Despite being a ‘land of honey’ with great agricultural potential, Africa has become a net food importer! Some African governments spend over 15% of their annual budget to import food from outside Africa. As the population grows, these budgets will keep on increasing. We think it is about time that those funds be invested locally to support farmers while building enterprise capacity. We will partner with governments to produce and consume Proudly African